Improved Coherency-based Wide-Band Multi-Port Equivalents for Real Time Digital Simulators

Y. Liang, X. Lin, A.M. Gole, and M. Yu (Canada)


Modelling, Coherency, TSA, FDNE, Equivalent, RTDS


An improved wide-band multi-port equivalent is presented, which reduces a large power network into a small manageable equivalent model that preserves wideband behaviors. This approach allows very large power systems to be modeled on a real time electro magnetic transients (EMT) digital simulator with reduced hardware costs. The proposed technique uses a coherency based reduction of the electromechanical model of the power network to be equivalenced, and implements it as a Transient Stability Analysis (TSA) type electromechanical equivalent. A Frequency Dependant Network Equivalent (FDNE) is placed in parallel with this model to accurately capture the high frequency behavior. The validity and efficiency of the proposed technique is demonstrated using the New England 39 bus system, a DC multi in-feed system and a 470 bus multi port AC system.

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