Reliability Parameters of Distribution Networks Components

R. Gono, M. Kratky, S. Rusek, and V. Kral (Czech Republic)


Component reliability, distribution network, and failure database


Knowledge of the component reliability parameters in power networks is necessary for the reliability computation of wholesale-consumer connection. The demand for this computation is increasingly on the rise. Moreover, it is impossible to introduce a reliability centered maintenance system without the component reliability. Component reliability parameters are possible to retrieve only with accurate databases of distribution companies. Such a database includes records of failures and outages in power networks. The main problem for an analysis of these databases is the heterogeneity feature: databases of various distributors differ from one another. It is impossible to retrieve reliability parameters from this data in a direct way, therefore, these parameters have been often set using a heuristic method. In this paper, we introduce a framework which enables the retrieval of parameters from various databases. Although we apply this framework for the retrieving of parameters from outage data in the Czech and Slovak republics, we show the overall scalability of the framework. Since the quality of the reliability parameters depends on the data size, the scalability is a very important feature. This framework is applicable to outage data of distribution companies from other countries as well.

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