Improved Continuation Power Flow Applied to Voltage Stability Analysis of AC/DC Hybrid Power System

T.T. Liang and Z. Yao (PRC)


Power system stability, AC/DC hybrid power system, continuation power flow, power constraint


Based on power flow calculation for AC/DC hybrid power system by unified iteration, continuation power flow is applied to voltage stability analysis of AC/DC hybrid power system. And the prediction, correction of local parameterization is discussed in detail in this paper. A self-adaptive step length method is presented in this paper, which can adjust step length automatically, reach the critical point fast. Considering restrain of DC system variable and adjusting rationally operation mode, it can be applied to analysis the voltage stability of AC/DC hybrid power systems of any operation mode. Taking power constraint of all the generators into account, solve the voltage stability margin more precision. Numerical calculation is finally performed on 141-bus equivalent system which including four HVDC lines to reveal the correctness and effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.

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