Empirical Analysis of Rotor Angle Stability of a Multi Machine Two-Area Power Network

L.C. Azimoh, K.A. Folly, S. Chowdhury, and S.P. Chowdhury (South Africa)


Rotor angle Stability, HVAC, Transient Stability, small signal stability.


This paper presents an analysis of rotor angle stability of a two area multi machine power system. This is achieved by investigating the impact of a disturbance on the generator speed, the terminal voltage, the excitation flux, the rotor angle and active power transmitted, after a transient perturbation of a three phase short circuit fault. Furthermore, the study shows the damping effect of a power system stabilizer (PSS) and automatic voltage regulator (AVR) on small signal oscillations of power systems as well as its improvement on power transmitted following a major fault in the power system.
The small signal stability study is conducted on the High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) system, in two cases. In case one a PSS was integrated into the system, whilst in case two the study is without PSS. This study shows that the generators in the area close to fault area are mostly perturbed by the effect of the fault. This is evident from the results of the oscillations of generators in the two areas of the network.

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