Use of Energy Saving Lamp (CFL) towards Solving Power Crisis: A Few Concerns and Recommendations - Bangladesh Perspective

S.M. Lutful Kabir and S. Parvin (Bangladesh)


Power Quality, CFL, Energy saving


Bangladesh is dying for electricity crisis. At the moment, she has 40 percent shortage of electricity. To meet the short term solution, the government is encouraging Compact Florescent Lamps (CFL) in stead of incandescent lamps because the former takes one fifth of energy with respect to the latter. But, the problems/risks of the use of CFL have not been discussed any time before and hence, people are at risk. This paper highlights the issues that should be addressed before the mass use of CFL is enforced. The experimental results have substantiated the worldwide concern over CFL. At the end of the paper a few recommendations have been made for the consideration of the Government of Bangladesh.

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