Storage of Electric Energy Gained from Renewable Sources

Z. Hradílek, P. Moldřík, and R. Šebesta (Czech Republic)


Energy storage, electrolyser, fuel cell, battery, hydrogen


The article deals with the problems of electrical energy storage in connection with renewable energy sources. Attention is paid to the storage systems that are already used in the framework of electrical power system, and further to the systems that are studied and developed for this purpose. The described storage systems should work especially in synergy with unreliable renewable energy sources, such as wind power plants. Those use the renewable source that gains ground quickly not only in the Czech Republic. Both the systems that make it possible to ensure high charging and discharging rates for a short time and the systems of great storage capacity that are able to store and transmit electrical energy for more hours are described. A large part of the article deals with hydrogen technologies that seem to be very suitable for the storage of electrical energy from renewable sources. In the final part, a modern laboratory of VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava (Czech Republic), its equipment and research done in it, which is orientated, among other matters, towards the storage of electrical energy from renewable sources, are described.

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