Numerical Simulation on Flute Type Pipe as Heating System of Thermal Flow Reversal Reaction

Z. Gao, Y. Liu, R. Liu, and Z. Li (PRC)


Waste product as fuel; lean methane, TFRR, heat and mass distribution


Fast depletion of fossil fuel resources and environment pollutions are two major challenges to the world today. While great amount of lean methane discharged to atmosphere without treatment. On the one hand, it’s a waste of energy; on the other hand, the emission of methane exacerbated the greenhouse effect because methane is a major green house gas second to carbon dioxide. Thermal flow reversal reaction (TFRR) is an effective method for lean methane oxidation. This paper proposes flute type pipe system as heating system of TFRR. Numerical study of the unsteady convection heat transfer in ceramic branch pipe is performed. Convection heat transfer characteristics are discussed. Heat and mass distribution of hot gas through the flute type pipe are presented.
Results show that the convection heat transfer is very intense because the boundary layer was destroyed by outflows through little holes. Thermal flux of little holes fluctuated along the pipe due to increase of mass flow rate and decrease of temperature. Thermal flux of little holes at rear parts of the pipe is greater than that of the front.

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