Heat Transfer Characteristics of Boiler Radiation Heating Surface in Biomass Co-Combustion Situation

Z.-Y. Gao, W. Song, L.-B. Xie, and X.-Z. Sun (PRC)


Biomass, Co-combustion, Radiation heating surface


Co-combustion of biomass with coal has been recognized as an important pathway to solve the issue of energy utilization. Our main thrust is to trace out the inner connexion between the co-combustion with weed and furnace radiant heat transfer flux, indeed. In this paper, extensive analysis on the influence on the radiant surface causing by co-combustion of bituminous coal with weed has been carried out, subjected to the boiler with a capacity of 220t/h. Multitude of relevant data and curves have been obtained at tri-commitments: 100, 90 and 80 as the percentage of the system load in power plant with various mixing proportion of weed from 0th to 60th percentile (0% to 60%). The observations made indicated that the furnace radiant heat transfer appears to a decline rather than the enhancement of the convection heat transfer accompany with a swell of weed proportion to the mixture, in case of the various system load.

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