Simulation Methodology of Multiple Wind Farms Operation Considering Wind Speed Correlation

N. Zhang, C. Kang, C. Duan, X. Tang, J. Huang, Z. Lu, W. Wang, and J. Qi (PRC)


Wind power, simulation, stochastic differential equation, correlation, time sequencing


This paper presents a methodology to simulate the operation of multiple wind farms. The proposed model simulates the multiple wind farm output curves which fit the given statistical indices. Correlated wind speeds of different wind farms are generated by using stochastic differential equation which takes account of marginal distribution and time sequencing. Wind speed seasonal rhythms and diurnal patterns, turbine output characteristics, wind turbine reliability model and wake effect are considered in the model. The presented cases validate the effectiveness of the model and show that correlation among wind farms has significant influence on the stochastic behaviour of wind farm total output. The proposed model can be used to study the effects of large scale wind power integration in power system.

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