Identification of Optimum Turbine Parameters for Low Wind Speed Regimes

S.S. Tambakad, S.S. Doddamani, and S.H. Jangamshetti (India)


Optimum Turbine Parameters, low wind-speed regime.


A simple methodology for identifying optimum parameters of a wind turbine generator for low wind speed regime is presented. The wind site selected for the study is located at Basaveshwar Engineering College, Bagalkot, Karnataka, India. The hourly wind data measured using 50m wind mast at 10m, 30m and 50m, is represented in the form of monthly and annual percentage frequency distribution. Wind speeds are parameterized using cubic mean cube root. Wind speed distribution is modeled using weibull probability density function. A 1.5KW Unitron UE-15 wind turbine is chosen for the study. Performances of Unitron UE-15 wind turbine and optimum wind turbine are compared. The inferences drawn from the results will be useful pointers to the utilities and investors planning to set-up wind farm in low wind regimes.

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