Cost Reduction Improvement for Power Generation System Intregeting WECS using Harmony Search Algorithm

S. Ngonkham and P. Buasri (Thailand)


Harmony search algorithm (HS), Economic dispatch (ED), Wind energy conversion system (WECS), Genetic algorithm (GA)


This paper presents an optimization approach, Harmony search algorithm (HS) to solve economic dispatch (ED) in the power system integrating wind energy conversion system (WECS). The HS based on stochastic random search, is developed using few parameters. In this paper two optimization techniques, Genetic algorithm (GA) and HS, are used to solve ED for power system connected and disconnected to WECS. From the simulations two objectives are obtained; the observation when changing WECS rated between 1.5 MW and 2.5 MW and the observation when operate at 4.75 m/s and 9.5 m/s average wind speed and found that HS can give better solution than GA 4 % for solving only ED, 3.6 % for solving ED with 2.5 MW WECS and 3.5 % for solving ED with 1.5 MW WECS. When changing average wind speed for 1.5 MW WECS, generation cost at mean wind speed of 9.5 m/s is lower than wind speed at 4.75 m/s by 2.75 %. Furthermore cost is lower when operating with 2.5 MW at the same wind profile by 4.56 % calculated by HS.

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