Economical and Environmental Analysis for the Photovoltaic Noise Barrier System in Shanghai, China

Y. Liu, M. Gu, C. Zhao, Z. Yang, and J. Yang (PRC)


Economical and environmental analysis; photovoltaic noise barrier; the Net Present Value; the Pay-Back Period.


Economical and environmental analysis for the photovoltaic noise barrier system is made, which is 8 kW and installed along a metro in Shanghai, China. A grid connected photovoltaic system for home which is 3 kW provides the data according to the operation and performance as a reference for design. We make economical analysis using the following parameters to determine the profitability of a PV installation: the Net Present Value and the Pay-Back Period. At the same time, we evaluate the environmental benefits of PV systems. Finally, we points out some problems in the design and construction practices, which are useful references for related researchers.

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