On the Systematic Error Analysis of the IEC Flickermeter

Y. Li, X. Wang, S. Zhu, and J. Zheng (PRC)


Power quality, voltage flicker, IEC flickermeter, systematic error.


This paper presents the investigation results on the two factors affecting the measurement accuracy of the IEC flickermeter. One is the scaling factor which is set to satisfy one unit of perceptibility for the rectangular and sinusoidal fluctuations provided in IEC Standard 61000 4-15. The other factor is the voltage adaptor which uses the sliding half-cycle-RMS method to scale the amplitude of the input voltages down to an internal reference level of the flickermeter. The systematic measurement errors caused by the above factors are analyzed theoretically and the analysis results are verified by the simulation tests in Matlab/Simulink. The paper also provides the error reference values of the scaling factor for all the test points defined in IEC Standard 61000-4-15.

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