Research and Design on the High-Voltage Line Non-Contact Harmonic Detection based on Field Intensity Method

J. Zhang, Y. Gao, D. Lv, and S. Liang (PRC)


Field intensity method, Non-Contact Measurement, Harmonic, High-Voltage


In order to know the harmonic voltage signal in high voltage transmission line, high-voltage line voltage harmonic measurements are needed, high voltage transmission line harmonic voltage signal can not be obtained by using the traditional measuring method, in order to solve the problems in traditional measuring methods, a new approach which is field intensity method non-contact measurement of high voltage transmission line voltage harmonic signal is put forward, and this method is proved theoretically by the mathematical model which is obtained through the establishment of non-contact field intensity method. At the same time, in order to verify the theoretical correctness of the method, the actual circuit is designed in harmonic wireless detection, high-voltage line harmonic wireless detector which is based on the field intensity method can effectively detect the harmonic voltage in high-voltage line.

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