Method of Calculating the Emission Limits and Emission Level of Harmonic Current for Installations Connected to Power System (IEC61000-3-6)

S.H. Choi and Y.U. Park (Korea)


Power Quality, Harmonics, Emission limit


In order to operate the power system satisfactory for both system operators and customers, it is important to limit the harmonic currents to the allowable levels which injected into the system from the distorting installations. In this regard, the principles for the allocation of emission limits on individual customer were introduced in the technical report of IEC61000-3-6. According to these general principles, the emission limits are dependent on the agreed power of the customer, the power of the harmonic-generating equipment, and the system characteristics. The considerations in this report are very comprehensive and the process introduced is practical enough to implement as it is. However, there is a fact not appropriately dealing in the report that could be a very tickle but has a huge impact on determining the emission limit. This is the effect of non-harmonic load currents. More precisely, these are from the equipments which do not emit any harmonic or may emit harmonics but this specific order under the consideration by themselves if the source power is sinusoidal. The load currents originated from these equipments have an effect of active filter against the specific order of harmonic; therefore, these should be dealt as a significant factor on the process of determining the emission limits for individual customer.

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