Employment of the AC Distribution Factor for the Optimal Placement of FACTS Devices

B. Sookananta (Thailand)


AC distribution factor, Available transfer capability, Differential Evolution, Genetic Algorithm, Optimal FACTS placement,


This paper presents a method for determination of the optimal siting and sizing of the FACTS devices considering increase of bilateral transactions. The objective considered is to maximize the Available Transfer Capability (ATC) of a heavy transaction and minimize transaction losses. In this paper, the optimal FACTS problem is solved by using the Differential Evolution (DE) technique with the employment of the AC Distribution Factor (ACDF) for the ATC approximation. Performance of the method in terms of quality of the solutions considering objective value and the computational time is compared with that of the others such as the Genetic algorithm (GA) with the repeated power flow. It is found that, the method provides more computational efficient with a sufficient degree of solution accuracy.

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