Performance Evaluation of Microturbine Generation System for Microgrid Applications

A.A. Salam, A. Mohamed, M.A. Hannan, H. Shareef, and M.Z.C. Wanik (Malaysia)


Microturbine generation system, converter, grid connected mode, islanded mode


This paper deals with the control strategy for microturbine generation system (MGS) unit present in microgrid applications. The dynamic model of the microturbine and the power electronics interface systems available in Matlab/Simulink simulation software is used to obtain the response of the developed control strategy when connected to the grid. In this work, back-to-back converters are used to interface the microturbine based distributed generation system to the grid. Converter control strategies developed for both modes of distributed generation operation is also presented. The investigation of the MGS dynamics are performed through simulation of both grid-connected and islanded mode. Results obtained are presented and discussed.

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