Modelling and Simulation of Microgrid Application at RCET

R.A. Jabbar (Pakistan), A. Mohamed (Malaysia), M. Junaid, M. Ashraf, and I. Ullah (Pakistan)


Renewable Energy Resources; Microgrid; MATLAB


Renewable energy resources have got vital importance in present era as fossil fuel reserves are depleting and their prices are fluctuating drastically. The role of these resources in generation of electricity is inevitable in the developing countries like Pakistan, where energy crisis has become a burning issue due to short fall of electricity. Presently the country is suffering from repeated and shocking black outs. Therefore, the generation of electricity through other than traditional resources has become indispensable. In this research paper an innovative concept has been imparted for the development of Microgrid, based upon locally available renewable energy resources, keeping in view the geographical location of Rachna College of Engineering & Technology (RCET), Gujranwala-Pakistan. These available renewable energy resources have been integrated to function as a single generating unit for forming Microgrid. The comprehensive modelling and simulation of Microgrid has been performed using MATLAB. The objective behind the development of this proto type model of Microgrid is to design a standby power for RCET Library in case of electricity failure from National Grid. Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) of Pakistan is looking for viable solution to compensate the National Grid and emergency need of individual sensitive consumers since long. Simulation and implementation of this developed model will really be very helpful for all stake holders of power industry nationally and internationally.

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