Research on Data Integration of Anshan 10kV Power Distribution Network System

T. Jiang, N. Dang, Y. Liu, and Z. Wang (PRC)


Distribution network, Web service, distributed database, and data transmission


Some problems exist in the data center construction due to the specificity and geographical dispersion in the electric power supervisory control systems, proprietary data format, relying on the special platform, and unshared data information among these systems. Web services are based on open standards and allow any piece of software to communicate with each other in a standardized XML messaging system. The use of standard XML protocols makes Web services platform-independent and language independent. And Web Services are usually built on HTTP. They can be delivered with little change to existing infrastructures including firewalls. So this article presents a solution to these problems that a safe interface for accessing distributed databases based on Web services is built. This solution makes use of the Web services technology to pass through the firewall of the data server, which can avoid direct contact with the physical database and assure the security of the data server. In the end of this article, through adopting the virtual machine technology, building the testing environment, proposed method has proved that it can solve data integration of the power system successfully.

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