Study on Day-Ahead Electricity Market Transaction Considering Losses Correction

F. Zhang, H. Bao, and Y.H. Yang (PRC)


Electricity market, day-ahead transaction, bidding price, loss correction, power decomposition and nodal cost conservation


In the electricity market, it is unfair to the electricity market participants, neglecting the effect of losses while bidding. This paper analyzes the power flow physical distribution and describes the analytic expression of power components distributing in transmission power and branch loss. A method of correcting generation bidding price considering transmission losses is proposed based on power distribution theorem and cost flow conservation principle. The bidding price corrected model takes into account the effect of generator’s position, generator’s transmission paths and generator’s transmission losses on nodal price. This article points out that the plant should bid as a basic unit instead of the generator. This paper creates the day-ahead bidding transaction model with the corrected bidding price of plant. At last, the feasibility and validity of the above-mentioned method is proved through improved IEEE 9 buses system.

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