The Design of Multi-Agent based Matchmaking Transaction Model for the Bilateral Trades of the Reserve Market

J. Ge, L.-z. Zhang, and Y.-j. He (PRC)


Power Market Deregulation, Ancillary Services, Reserve, Bilateral Trade, Multi-agent


Reserve is one important part of the ancillary services in the power system. At present, Lots of researches on the reserves and some practices of the reserve market are carried out in full swing all over the world. It is recognized increasingly that reserves should be regarded as one of commercial products and obtained through the commercial measures. There are two kinds of reserve market, one is PoolCo Model Reserve Market and the other is Bilateral Contracts Model Reserve Market. The bilateral contract is one of transactional trade patterns, but it would cause the scope of the transactions to be small if merely depending upon bilateral transaction between the buyers and the sellers themselves and some latent value transactions would be lost which will finally weaken the whole optimization result of the market. In order to solve the above problems, the paper designs a Multi-agent Based Matchmaking Transaction Model for the bilateral trades of the reserve market, which settles the low efficiency of the market in which the market members searching for the partners of bilateral transactions independently and optimize the benefits of all the market members.

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