Derivation of Productivity Equation of Fish Bones Multi-Lateral Well in Bottom Water Drive Reservoirs

C. Li, S. Zhang, and A. Elradi (PRC)


Fish bones multi-lateral wells; the bottom water drive reservoirs; productivity; equivalent flow resistance; hydro-electrical simulation; forecasting


In recent years the multi-lateral wells technologies have very rapid development and extensively worldwide applied in operating oilfield, due to large contact area of multilateral wells with productive formation and acceleration of production.
However, in China and other oversea countries, there are a few research studies on mathematical derivation of the productivity of fish bones multi-lateral wells in bottom water drive reservoirs.

This paper makes a reasonable simplification to flow region, based on hydro-electrical equivalent flow resistance method, a mathematical formula developed to calculate the fish bones multi-lateral wells productivity in bottom water drive reservoirs.

The formula has been tested by using of the hydroelectrically simulation experiment, which has results of 9.13% as maximum error. So the formula can be used to forecast the productivity of a fish bones multi-lateral well.

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