Analysis on the Utilization of Smart Grid and New Energy in Low-Carbon Economy

D.-Q. Sun, Y. Fan, Z.-J. Zhang, J.-w. Zheng, T. Zhang, and F. Zhao (PRC)


Low-carbon economy; Smart grid; Global climate warming; Carbon emissions reduction; New energy


From the perspective of low-carbon economy, this paper examines the role and significance of the development of smart grid and the new energy. The authors of this paper hold that in today’s China, efforts should be focused on the integrated utilization of smart grid and new energy, which should also be one of the best solutions to energy-saving and emissions reduction in the future. In current China, as the electric power industry uses 70% of the total primary energy and the energy mix featuring coals will last for a considerable length of time, the integrated utilization of the smart grid and new energy sources that is in accordance with Chinese characteristic is a practical way to lower carbon emissions and shall bring long-term economic and social benefits.

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