Evaluation of Block-based and Segmentation-based Approaches to Texture Retrieval

M.F.A. Fauzi (Malaysia) and P.H. Lewis (UK)


Texture, texture segmentation, multiscale technique, content-based image retrieval, discrete wavelet frames.


This paper concerns the best approach to the capture of local texture features for use in content-based image retrieval (CBIR) applications. From our previous work, two approaches have been suggested, the multiscale block-based approach and the automatic texture segmentation approach. Performance comparison as well as advantages and disadvantages of the two methods are presented in this paper. Experimental observations on real museum collections suggest that the two approaches both perform well, with the multiscale technique having the edge in retrieval accuracy and scale invariance, while the segmentation technique has the edge in lighter computational complexity as well as having the shape information for later purposes.

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