Control of Attitude Changes for Ducted Fan UAV based on Quaternion

Y. Feng, Z. Jiang, L. Liu, and Z. Xu (PRC)


UAV, robust control, attitude changes, quaternion


Modeling and control design of attitude changes for ducted fan UAV are presented in this paper. The quaternion is used to describe the UAV attitude. The dynamic equations and the kinematics equations of the UAV attitude are given. Then a robust controller of the attitude changes for UAV is developed based on the UAV models. Considering the nonlinearity of the system, feedback linearity is used to turn the previous nonlinear system into a six-degree linear subsystem and a one degree internal dynamic system. A PD controller is given for the linear subsystem. Taking account of the characteristics of nonlinearity and external disturbances, a robust controller using Lyapunov method is designed. Simulation results indicate that the proposed controller can realize the attitude changes of UAV effectively with the parameters uncertainties and external disturbances.

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