Research on the Control System of Paving Machine for Modified Asphalt Coiled Material

X. Hou, D. Li, and B. Liu (PRC)


automation, multi-sensor, paving machine, fuzzy PID, and brushless motor


In order to change the status that the modified asphalt waterproofing coiled material is basically paved by manual work, a fully automatic and wireless paving machine for the modified asphalt coiled material is designed and researched, which is mainly using PLC (programmable logic controller) and MCU to realize, via obtaining signals from multi-sensors. Meanwhile, fuzzy parameters self tuning PID algorithm and automatic searching line algorithm have been studied, and the results of research have been applied in the design of this machine. This machine can process the signals and make the judgment for the next action in real-time. It runs by two modes, one is manual wireless control mode, and the other is automatic searching line paving mode. The scene’s experiments shows that a precision of ±2centimetres can be reached by using automatic searching line paving mode, the speed of the machine may reach 0.5m/min at least and 15m/min at most, and satisfies the need of paving. What’s more, this machine greatly improves the efficiency of the bridge waterproofing construction.

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