Model Reference Adaptive Control with Fuzzy Friction Compensation for High-Precision Servo System

B. Lv and Y. Wu (PRC)


Model reference adaptive control, fuzzy friction compensator, flight simulator turn table servo system, and nonlinear friction


This paper presents a novel model reference adaptive control scheme with a fuzzy friction compensator (FFC) for flight simulator turn table servo systems. The hybrid controller consists of a MRAC controller and an adaptive fuzzy friction compensator. The model reference adaptive controller improves the tracking performance of the high precision servo systems, and the adaptive fuzzy logic compensator based on fuzzy basis functions mainly compensates the nonlinear dynamic friction by utilizing a universal approximation function to approach the generalized nonlinear function which describes the nonlinear dynamic friction and other external disturbances. The global stability and astringency of the closed-loop servo system are guaranteed by Lyapunov theorem. According to the simulation results, the proposed control scheme efficiently improves the position tracking precision and eliminates the negative effects induced by the nonlinear friction and bounded external disturbances of the servo system.

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