Kinematics and its Solution Methodology of a 3-PRR Flexure-based Parallel Mechanism

Y. Tian (Australia, PRC), B. Shirinzadeh (Australia), D. Zhang (PRC), and S. Fatikow (Germany)


Micro/nano manipulation, flexure hinge, kinematics, mechanical design


This paper presents the mechanical design and kinematic analysis methodologies of a 3-PRR flexure-based parallel mechanism, which can be utilized to conduct planar precision positioning as required for automating micro/ nano manipulation tasks. Flexure hinges are used as the revolute joints to provide smooth motion in the range of micrometers. Three high performance piezoelectric actuators are utilized to drive the flexure-based mechanism. The kinematics of the proposed flexure-based parallel mechanism is established. Finite element analysis is conducted to validate the performance of the 3-PRR flexure-based parallel mechanism. Two simplified methodologies are proposed to improve the computational efficiency of the kinematics of the developed mechanism.

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