Automatic and Semi-Automatic Unloading of Containers

B. Kaiser, R.A. Tauro, and H. Wörn (Germany)


bin picking, unloading system, human machine interaction, robotics, automation, logistic


This paper presents a sensor based robot system that is ca pable to unload unknown objects from containers. The sys tem has no exact knowledge about the position, orientation, shape and/or weight of the objects to be unloaded. In many industrial and economic sectors, e.g. in the production, it is often necessary to take unsorted parts from boxes, luggage is unloaded from containers at airports and packages are handled in the field of logistics. To achieve the proposed system different sub-tasks had to be solved: The develop ment of a suitable hardware and software architecture, the calibration of the optical sensors, the processing of 2D and 3D image data, the calculation of valid grasp positions and the planning of collision free paths to the targets.

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