Effectiveness of POPBL-based Robotics Instruction

C.-P. Chuang, M. Chou, Y.-C. Huang, and G.-H. Lin (Taiwan)


POPBL, creative thinking, practicality, engineering education


The purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of Project Oriented and Problem Based Learning ( POPBL ) on improving engineering student’s problem solving and creative thinking competence. Thirty junior students were selected as sample objects to do experimental research of robotic design. They were divided into ten groups to conduct all procedure of POPBL and test learning achievement. Some industrial engineers were joined into instruction as teaching assistant to enforce the understanding of current robotic technology. But most of the 18 weeks instruction time of Practical Electronic Engineering was used for small group discussion and function design due to the feature of POPBL. A competition was designed at the end of this course for evaluating learning results. It is found that this university industry cooperation instruction has high achievement for creative thinking and practicality on robotic design.

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