A Dynamic Modeling Method for BKX-I PKM based on FEM

J.-Q. Li, T. Fu, H.-S. Ding, and Z.-X. Luan (PRC)


Robotic design and architecture; PKM; Dynamics; Structure matrix


A modeling method of finite unit dynamics for 6-UPS parallel kinematic machine (PKM) was developed. After the BKX-I PKM was divided into 48 units, the dynamitic equation of individual unit was obtained in both the local coordinate and the entire coordinate systems on the basis of structure matrix analysis. The dynamic equations of all units were then integrated into an equation group in an entire coordinate system based on the continuous conditions of adjacent units. The modal analysis using these resultant equations was conducted, and the obtained results were compared with those of experiments. The comparison shows that the calculation precision of developed modeling method can meet the needs of the structure analysis for PKM. The utilization of this developed method could extend to similar robots.

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