Adaptive Backstepping Control for Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

Y. Liu and X. Ma (PRC)


backstepping, adaptive control, unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV), Lyapunov control function


An adaptive autopilot for the depth control of unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) is designed. It is assumed that the system parameters are unknown, and that the disturbance force is acting on the vehicle. So far, most approaches of UUV diving-plane control are under an assumption that the pitch angle is near zero. But it is not the case and may induce large modeling errors, and even may cause server problems in some practical applications. Based on backstepping algorithm, an adaptive control law is derived for the dive-plane control of UUV without any assumption on the pitch angle. In the closed-loop system, asymptotic stabilization of the depth is accomplished, in spite of the uncertainties in the system parameters and disturbance force. Finally, simulations are provided to illustrate the robustness and effectiveness of the controller.

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