Development of a Telerobotic Welding Virtual Environment for Nuclear Pipeline Maintenance

N. Dong, H. Li, H. Gao, J. Ni, and L. Wu (PRC)


Telerobotics, virtual environment, calibration, and shared force control


Telerobotic welding is an effective method for pipeline maintenance in hazardous and narrow nuclear environment. The interface between the telerobot and the operator plays an essential role. This paper describes a virtual environment based on Java3D that can be operated visualized and conveniently in the telerobotic system. The virtual environment design contains modeling and calibration. The static object and dynamic object is designed in virtual environment modeling. For the dynamic object, the kinematic analysis of the nine degrees of freedom pipeline welding telerobot is given out. The virtual pipeline calibration is carried through by the strategy of surface tracking with shared force control. The calibration results show the virtual environment is appropriate to meet the necessity of the teleoperation.

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