Improving the Quality of Near-Infrared Imaging of In Vivo Blood Vessels using Image Fusion Methods

A.K. Jensen, T.R. Savarimuthu, and A.S. Sorensen (Denmark)


Image Fusion, Wavelets, Dual Camera, Blood Vessel, Vein, Infrared Imaging, Medical Imaging, Health Care.


We investigate methods for improving the visual quality of in vivo images of blood vessels in the human forearm. Us ing a near-infrared light source and a dual CCD chip cam era system capable of capturing images at visual and near infrared spectra, we evaluate three fusion methods in terms of their capability of enhancing the blood vessels while pre serving the spectral signature of the original color image. Furthermore, we investigate a possibility of removing hair in the images using a fusion rule based on the ”a trous” sta tionary wavelet decomposition. The method with the best overall performance with both speed and quality in mind is the Intensity Injection method. Using the developed sys tem and the methods presented in this article, it is possible to create images of high visual quality with highly empha sized blood vessels.

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