A Distributed Collision-Free Access Control Protocol for Metro Area Ring Networks

X. Hu and F. Ge (PRC)


Communication protocols, metro area networks (MAN), ring networks, optical burst switching (OBS), medium access control (MAC) protocol and multi-token access control


Since network traffic of Metro Area Networks (MAN) shows asymmetric, burst, and highly dynamic, OBS becomes a compromise between enormous bandwidth of WDM and smaller flow of terminal individual users. Based on the analysis of several access control mechanisms of OBS metro ring network, this study presents a distributed collision-free (DCF) access control protocol. Using simple topology structure of ring network, this protocol assumes that all nodes in the ring networks are distributed evenly. Owing to adopting multi-token for data access control in ring network, which is not only for each data channel but also for node-to-node, the protocol realizes the unified controlling for bursts in time and space, and provides advantages of high bandwidth utilization, conflict-free, low latency and good scalability.

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