Performance Analysis of an Adaptive Multi-Guard Channel Scheme based CAC Strategy in Wireless Networks

S.-F. Yang, B.-J. Hwang, and J.-S. Wu (Taiwan, China)


Call admission control, multi-guard channel, multi service, adaptive channel reservation


CAC strategies are required to guarantee that all service types meet their quality of service (QoS) requirements. In this paper, an adaptive multi-guard channel scheme (AMGCS) based CAC strategy is proposed to give priority to traffic types and handoff calls. This scheme is built upon the concept of multi-guard channels and it use adaptive ration parameters to adjust the boundary of the multi-guard channels. The markovian model of the traffic priority based AMGCS is also proposed to evaluate the handoff call dropping probability and new call dropping probability. The numerical results show that this scheme can be used to keep targeted QoS requirement by suitably setting the adaptive ratio parameters.

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