A High Availability Platform for Distributed Multimedia Applications

M. Jiang, Y. Pan, X. Gu, and Q. Ma (PRC)


Distributed systems, real-time, multimedia, reliability, and availability


Distributed multimedia applications have been widely used for teleconferencing, distant education, monitoring and control, and various other industries. The common requirements for these distributed multimedia systems include the aggregation of various multimedia sources to be distributed, processed, and visualized with either hard or soft real-time constraints. In this paper, we presented a high-availability platform for designing and implementing large-scale distributed multimedia applications that handle multiple multimedia streams in real-time. The platform can be viewed as two interrelated components of hardware architecture and software framework. The hardware architecture provides highly reliable switching services whereas the software framework provides means to simplify the specification, construction, and deployment of distributed multimedia applications on top of the hardware architecture. Results from our studies showed that the high-availability platform simplified the construction of reliable and real-time distributed multimedia applications.

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