A Real Time Routing Approach for Multimedia Streams based on Analysis of Wireless Mesh Networks

M.Y. Javed, S. Nisar, and A.A. Khan (Pakistan)


Multimedia over Wireless Mesh Network, QoS, Traffic shaping, ITS


Wireless mesh network in actual is multi-hop and the transmissions are peer to peer. In it, each node works as both the repeater and router. Nowadays, wireless mesh networks are used for real time transport of multimedia data for different applications. The real-time applications require QoS guarantees for maintaining the required flow rate of real-time data, jitter and delays to provide end to end data transmission. Wireless mesh networks to route multimedia data in real time require a system at each node which allows swift and uninterrupted passage of the multimedia streams. Even in case of congestion, the marked/specified traffic should be allowed to pass through rapidly. It will automatically achieve faster routing and higher real time efficiency of the network. In this paper, a survey of wireless mesh networks has been carried out for real time multimedia streaming and an ”intelligent traffic shaper” algorithm has been proposed. The suggested approach will support the minimum delay and uninterrupted transmission of the multimedia streams through wireless mesh networks in order to achieve better QoS guarantees.

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