Distributed Event Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks

S.-J. Yim, M.-H. Lee, and Y.-H. Choi (Korea)


Sensor networks, distributed event detection, faults


In this paper, we presents a distributed event detection algo rithm for fault-prone wireless sensor networks. Each sensor node makes a local decision based on the comparison of its readings with those of its neighbors. An event is detected by a combination of local decision based on current sensor readings and local decision with m most recent readings. Discrete measurements over a time interval are used to tol erate most transient faults in sensor readings. The resulting reduction in the number of transient faults greatly reduces the false alarm rate. In addition, the event detection ac curacy is maintained high since the tradeoff between false alarm rate and event detection accuracy is mitigated by the enhanced robustness to transient faults. Computer simula tion shows that the proposed algorithm outperforms some existing algorithms, such as majority voting.

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