Performance Analysis of Cellular Wireless Networks WITH Non-Classical Traffic WITH and WITHOUT Channel Reservation

R.K. Samanta, P. Bhattacharjee, and G. Sanyal (India)


Cellular wireless networks, Non-classical traffic, analytical model, Guard Channel reservation, Handoff.


In this paper, an analytical model has been developed for cellular wireless network with non-classical traffic (i.e. Gamma inter-arrivals and non-exponential call holding times). Empirical studies have shown that Poisson assumption smoothes the dynamic traffic process and averages out the traffic characteristics to a single parameter (i.e. average rate) which does not represent the real dynamics involved in the process. The presence of services like messaging, video streaming, e-mail, internet, song downloading in the present cellular wireless networks make the system more complex. This work deviates from the earlier models with Poisson arrivals and exponential call holding time to get a more pragmatic model for future cellular wireless networks. In this work, the performance of the cellular wireless network has been re-evaluated with non-classical traffic using a Ek/G/C loss model and the same have been compared with classical Erlang model.

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