Wireless Acoustic Sensor Network with Compressive Sampling

D. Qiao, H. Luo, and X. Xu (PRC)


Wireless sensor network, compressive sampling, adaptive sampling, acoustic sensor.


We design a complete platform of wireless acoustic sensor network, featuring with compressive sampling and adap tive sampling. The compressive sampling is a new theory that combines sampling and compression into a single lin ear measurement process. It captures signals at a rate sig ni´Čücantly below the Nyquist rate, and recovers exactly the original signals using convex optimization or greedy algo rithm. In addition, we adopt an adaptive sampling scheme, in which the sampling rates can be changed with the run ning stages. The detective stage works at a lower rate than the monitoring stage. There is only one sensor node run ning at monitoring stage for the interested event. Through experiments, we illustrate that the wireless acoustic sensor network we built achieves dramatic low sampling rate and utilizes the network bandwidth much more effective.

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