Member Authentication and Group Key Management using One-Time Password

E. Eidkhani, M. Hajivahabzade, M. Asadinia, and A. Nemaney Pour (Iran)


Secure Multicast, Group Key Management, Multicast Authentication, Re-keying, One-Time Password.


IP multicast is an efficient way to deliver IP datagram from a source to multiple users which are members of multicast group. Unfortunately, because of open group membership and lack of authentication mechanism in early design of it, the growth of multicast based business is prevented. This paper proposes usage of one-time password for authenticating group members in IP multicast. In addition, the authentication information will be used to manage group key of group members. The combination of authentication with key management in IP multicast gives the opportunity to have a simple and secure mechanism both for authentication and group key management. For group key management hierarchical approach is adopted.

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