Project Success Criteria under Chinese Conditions

H. Wang, L. Xu, G. Du, and J. Yu (PRC)


Project, success criteria, project management


Objective - The purpose of this paper is to study project success criteria under Chinese conditions. Method - A four dimensional model by Wideman was used to analyze a questionnaire given to participants who had at least three years of project experience. Result - Five dimensions of success criteria were put forward in this study: qualified products/services, future opportunities, direct contribution, internal project objectives and benefits to customers. Each dimension had common features with different criteria. Conclusions - We had three conclusions in this study. First, the five dimensions were practical under Chinese conditions. Second, the degree of importance for each dimension was different. Qualified products/services played the most important role while benefited customers the least and was less important. Third, favorable standards of a project were required to evaluate a successful project.

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