The Model and Algorithm of Reverse Distribution Facility Location for Multimanufacture Uniting to Used Products

Q. Yang, P. Ye, B. Feng, and F. Yang (PRC)


Mathematical Modeling; Reverse distribution;Location Heuristic algorithm;Used products


In this paper, the reverse distribution network designing for used products are discussed. Existing approaches for reverse logistics networks design are usually restricted to singular manufacturer collecting one kind of used product or several kinds. According to the economic cost and scale economies of manufacturers’ take-back and recycling their used products, we design a uniting take back reverse logistics network that several manufactures together take physical and economic responsibility for their used products from customers. For this issue, a model of revere distribution network for more than one product is designed, which suppose each disposal site with the lowest and the utmost disposing capacity. In addition, a heuristic algorithm based on Lagrangean relaxation is elaborated for the NP-hard problem and implemented in matlab 7.0. The quality of the proposed algorithms is tested in a set of computational experiments.

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