The Shortest Weighted Path of Hazardous Material Transport

Z.-f. Wang and S. Huang (PRC)


transport of hazardous material; shortest path;Dijkstra; decision-making


According to the risk rank of hazardous material, the weights of the major influence factors of the road route selection are determined, such as the inherent characteristics of the road, meteorological condition, traffic condition, population distribution and the length of road section. Method of standardization in decision analysis is used to calculate relative weight of secondary factors subordinate to major factors. The length of road section is determined by weighting major factors, and the bidirectional bound search algorithm is adopted to find optimal route out. Several affected factors of transport of hazardous material are taken into account, and an improved algorithm based on Dijkstra method is applied to find out the optimal route. The given example validates that the proposed model is applicable and the improved algorithm is effective.

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