OEQS-based Modelling and Simulation of Employee Group Behaviors

T. Liu and B. Hu (PRC)


Simulation, modelling, group behaviors, causality reasoning, QSIM*


The paper develops the model of OEQS (oscillation equilibrium qualitative simulation) for employee group behaviors, and then integrates the approaches of qualitative causality reasoning and QSIM (Qualitative Simulation) Algorithm. Employee group behaviors oscillate between social field gravitation and cost gravitation, and regress gradually to reach equilibrium. Based on the model of OEQS, qualitative simulation engine drives the run of description method, transition rules and filter theory. The paper also tests validation of OEQS by simulation with three experimental designs. Next it illustrates the application to employee group management. Simulation results show that OEQS model can be served as a virtual experiment tool for decision making in enterprise management.

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