IPR Management Strategies for Enterprises in the E-Commerce Era

Y. Guo, D. Yan, and W. Zhang (PRC)


E-commerce, IPR management, Strategies innovation


The new era of e-commerce has changed the way we conduct business affairs. First, the rapid development of innovative technologies has promoted the global economy to an era dominated by knowledge and information. Secondly, fast exchanges in investment and technical transfer have created a boundary free global economy. Lastly, the rapid development of the Internet and e-commerce has radically changed the pattern of traditional economic activities. Meanwhile, in the rapid changing and highly competitive global market, IPR management has already become the most important topic while facing the challenges from competitors. How enterprise could practice the best knowledge strategy and integrate IT platform to facilitate the ability of managing intellectual assets are the critical issues nowadays. Therefore, this article introduces the overall IPR protection and development of e-commerce in China separately at first. Then it discusses the importance of IPR management and some IPR management strategies for enterprises in the e-commerce era. Finally, this article brings forth the conclusion with the hope to promote innovation development in China in the e-commerce era.

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