Appraising Ecological Quality on Natural Reserve of Wild Animal and Plant (NRWAP): A Case from China

J. Ren, W. Li, and B. Chen (PRC)


NRWAP, ecological quality, appraising approach, index


According to ecology and evaluation theory, we proposed an index system of NRWAP’s ecological quality including diversity, typicalness, rarity, fragility, suitability, naturalness, and threat from human interference and explained the meaning and level of different index. An appraising approach of NRWAP’s ecological quality was established using an integrated model composed of analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and fuzzy appraising (FA), and detailed calculating method and process were analyzed. The objective of this study is to produce a new appraising model using AHP and FA for NRWAP’s ecological quality and proves it applicability. As a result, the new model showed a scientific advantage in appraising ecological quality on Chinese Yangtze River dolphin’s nature reserve. Thus, the integrated approach provides an alternative method for appraising NRWAP’s ecological quality in the area.

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