Research on the Risk Assessment Model of Hazards for Air Traffic Management

F. Luo, W. Xiao, F. Zhou, and H. Wang (PRC)


Risk assessment model, hazards, air traffic management (ATM), assessment index system, and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation


Objected to hazards of Air Traffic Management (ATM), this paper designs a dynamic index system of hazards for risk assessment after comprehensively and thoroughly analyzing the very scenarios when hazards happen. For the risk assessment of hazards, the methods of risk assessment matrix ,analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation are perfectly combined in which AHP and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation are better suitably used to fix the risk grade of possibility and severity of hazards´╝îthen the integrated risk grade can be judged intuitively and quickly according to the risk assessment matrix. An example of one hazard is given to illustrate the feasibility of this model of risk assessment of hazards at last in which the micro-risk can be pre-controlled from the bottom. As a result, the risks will be eliminated in its infancy and the safety level of ATM will be improved effectively.

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