Legal Risks and Solutions to Video Sharing Websites: Focusing on Copyright Infringement

Y. Guo, Z. Yu, and J. Ji (PRC)


Video sharing websites; legal risks; ‘Safe Harbor’ doctrine


In recent years, video sharing websites have a rapid development as a new product, but they are shadowed by the problems of law violations and endless litigations. The major problems which video sharing websites encountered are infringement of copyright and privacy and contravention of foreign countries’ national dignity and religion. Although the ‘Safe Harbor’ doctrine is the amulet to protect the video sharing websites from copyright infringement liability, yet there are also some unavoidable legal risks against video sharing websites for some of their broadcasting videos insulted foreign countries’ dignity and religion. This article analyzes the legal risks mentioned above and referring to the ‘Safe Harbor’ doctrine in particular to exonerate the copyright infringement liability of video sharing websites. Finally, this article gives some advices in view of the healthy and sound development of video sharing websites.

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